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KMS 360

Wood drying monitoring anomaly detection

At Algorex, we have developed nearly a hundred algorithms that monitor signals from your kiln dryers 24/7. Using these algorithms, we are able to notify you when your drying process is not operating according to optimal parameters. We also have a team of analysts and drying experts who monitor your data throughout the day to detect any anomalies within your process. An anomaly can be a broken sensor, a bad drying schedule, a lack of air circulation (vent/ventilation), a problem with steam pressure and more. Our team supports your operations to ensure maximum productivity and quality in your drying operations.

Our team has also developed innovative productivity and quality key process indicators for dryers. These indicators are used for monitoring, but also for tracking trends to show you the evolution of your performance in our generated weekly and quarterly reports.

In short, our purpose is to support you with cutting-edge technology and world-class drying expertise to allow you to be in control of your process at all times.